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Using the standard control functions of Siemens Step7 PLC programming, and Siemens WinCC SCADA configuration,
we have developed a toolkit to make life easier for the programmer who does not want to re-invent the wheel.
Modules are available for easy programming and configuration of basic building blocks for an automation system.

A basic knowledge of Step7 and WinCC is required to integrate our toolkit. However, with the detailed step-by step instructions
provided, expert knowledge is not required.

Toolkit Modules include :

(Click on individual links below for more info , or click on the picture to go to a full FLASH demo page)

Analog Input Monitoring,
Analog Output Control,
Digital Alarm,    
Motor Control and Monitoring,
PID Control,
Totaliser Control and Monitoring,
Valve Control and Monitoring,
Example of Control and Monitoring

Mimic Example (Click on Mimic - Requires FLASH PLAYER)

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We have designed WinCC templates, to work in conjunction with a corresponding Step7 coded PLC block, to provide each of
the functions that are typically used in a standard automation system. PLC Datablocks and WinCC Structured tags are also supplied.
Controls are easily adaptable to your specific system, and each function comes with a complete step-by-step description for easy
implementation. For each module we also supply a pre-configured example, for easy understanding.


Please click on the links below for more information on each module :

Analog Input Monitoring                                               

Analog Output Control                     

Digital Alarm                      

Motor Control and Monitoring 

PID Control                       


Valve Control and Monitoring                     

Variable Speed Drive Control and Monitoring



More to come !   We are currently working on :

 - Forward/Reverse Motor (DOL)

 - Siemens Simocode Control Template (Profibus)

 - Siemens VSD Template (Profibus)

 - Belt-Weigher Template

 - Batching Template

 - Sequence Control