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The Totaliser Function is designed for practical process applications. The complete design incorporates the display of variables on the
WinCC mimic. It also includes the pop-up template, with detailed display of the Totaliser condition, values and properties.

The Step7 function is easily incorporated into an existing or new PLC project.


Mimic Display : Totaliser values on-screen need to be discretely small, but with properties, to display maximum detail. For this purpose we
have designed the on-screen values to reflect the 2 totalised values and units. 



Further information of each value will be made available when the operator clicks on the Totaliser tag, thereby opening the template
(example) as shown below :



1. Current value displays the connected analog value as a scaled value in decimal format. It is possible to have more or less decimal points displayed.
    The units of display (in this case "l/h") is entered in the Datablock. Other units could be e.g. "kg" or "kPa" etc.
2. As the template is opened, the correct tag name is displayed in this field, linking the displayed variable to its associated value. This value
    is entered in the Datablock.
3. Two Totalisers are accumulated from one analog input value.
4. It is possible to reset the totalisers separately, or prevent the operator from resetting a particular totaliser.


Use the ActiveX control below to find out more about the features of this module :



 - Two Totalised Values are displayed in the template
 - Measured analog value is displayed for reference
 - Visual confirmation of tag name on display
 - Multiple measurement entries into one datablock possible, i.e. doesn't require a DB for each totaliser
 - Addressing is done to analog input value
 - Configurable ability to reset totaliser from template


The Totaliser package includes the following :

WinCC :
Full step-by-step configuration and instruction manual.
Example mimic with Totaliser implementation
Usable Mimic display items. (copy/paste from example)
Structure tags in WinCC
Pop-up template (as WinCC .pdl files)

Step7 :
Full step-by-step instruction manual.
Example function and datablock with Totaliser implementation
Structured tag (UDT) for creating new datablocks
Totaliser Function (FC) for use in programming.



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