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The Digital Alarm Function is designed for practical process applications. Although measuring an alarm on a single digital input sounds simple,
the combination of monitoring various states of the signal, filtering out noise, and providing a useful operator interface is slightly more complex.
The complete design incorporates the display of the signal status on the WinCC mimic. It also includes the pop-up template, with a display of
the signal/alarm condition. The Step7 function is easily incorporated into an existing or new PLC project. Details of alarm
configuration will also be supplied.


Mimic Display : Digital alarm signals on-screen need to be discretely small, but with properties, to generate maximum effect. For this purpose we
have designed the on-screen display to be as user friendly as possible. 

Alarms and warnings are configured to flash on-screen on first occurrence. This assists with drawing the attention to the problem area. Once
the alarm has been acknowledged, it will stop flashing and change to a steady state of red (alarm still present) or green (healthy state). The alarm
will hold its state until acknowledged, ensuring no alarms are lost while not being monitored.


Further information of each value will be made available when the operator clicks on the tag of the digital alarm, thereby opening the template
(example) as shown below :



1. As the template is opened, the correct tag name is displayed in this field, linking the displayed variable to its associated value. This value
    is entered in a WinCC field.
2. When a new alarm state occurs, the signal will flash, indicating an un-acknowledged alarm. Pressing "ACK" on the template will
    acknowledge the alarm.
3. This coloured bar indicates the state of the signal - grey (healthy), flashing red (new, unacknowledged alarm), static red (acknowledged alarm)


Use the ActiveX control below to find out more about the features of this module :



 - Visual confirmation of tag name on display
 - Visual representation of alarm state
 - Mimic and template will visually indicate a new or acknowledged alarm
 - Multiple measurement entries into one datablock possible, i.e. doesn't require a DB for each signal
 - Addressing is done directly to digital input,  e.g. I124.3
 - Configurable "healthy" state for each signal, allowing use of signals that are healthy ON or OFF
 - Alarm filtering possible, allowing time delays to filter out unwanted alarms
 - Alarming can be enabled / disabled from the PLC, e.g. only measure the flow switch if the pump is on.


The Digital Alarm package includes the following :

WinCC :
Full step-by-step configuration and instruction manual.
Example mimic with Digital Alarm implementation
Usable Mimic display items. (copy/paste from example)
Structure tags in WinCC
Pop-up template (as WinCC .pdl files)

Step7 :
Full step-by-step instruction manual.
Example function and datablock with Digital Alarm implementation
Structured tag (UDT) for creating new datablocks
Digital Alarm Function (FC) for use in programming.



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