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The Analog Output Function is designed for practical process applications. The complete design incorporates the control of analog devices in the
plant via the WinCC mimic. It also includes the pop-up template, with detailed display of the Analog Output status, values and properties.

The Step7 function is easily incorporated into an existing or new PLC project.


Mimic Display : Analog Output values on-screen need to be discretely small, but with properties, to display maximum detail.  



Further information of each value will be made available when the operator clicks on the Analog Output Tag, thereby opening the template
(example) as shown below :



1. On / Off Control can be done from the SCADA template. It is possible to disable this function if only auto-start is allowed
2. Additional information e.g. condition of Analog Output or interlocks is also displayed
3. Indicates whether device is in Manual control (Operator) or Auto control (PLC)
4. Operator variable setpoint to control device (0-100%). The bar also shows a visualisation of the setpoint
5. Setpoint can be manually entered or driven from an external source (PLC)
6. Display device interlocks. Up to 8 interlocks can be configured for separate display purposes. Interlock Texts are entered into
    a DB in the PLC
7. As the template is opened, the correct tag name is displayed, linking the displayed variable to its associated value. This value
    is entered in a PLC DB


Use the ActiveX control below to find out more about the features of this module :



 - Allows Analog Output display on WinCC
 - Allows Analog Output controls via WinCC, with setpoint
 - Graphical and numeric representation of setpoint
 - Visual confirmation of tag name on display
 - Visual representation of warning / alarm
 - Mimic and template will visually indicate a new or acknowledged alarm
 - Datablock assignment, i.e. one DB can fit multiple Analog Outputs
 - Addressing is done directly to PLC I/O, e.g. QW124
 - Additional alarms available, e.g. feedback confirmation fault for on / off condition
 - Up to 8 Motor Interlocks can be configured for separate display purposes


The Analog Output package includes the following :

WinCC :
Full step-by-step configuration and instruction manual.
Example mimic with Analog Output implementation
Usable Mimic display items. (copy/paste from example)
Structure tags in WinCC
Pop-up template (as WinCC .pdl files)

Step7 :
Full step-by-step instruction manual.
Example function and datablock with Analog Output implementation
Structured tag (UDT) for creating new datablocks
Analog Output Function (FC) for use in programming.



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