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Find below a list of a few of the projects that were done and completed in the last few years, which we consider as feathers in our caps (sorted alphabetically) :

Alpha Carbonates

PLC and SCADA - Hi-Tek Milling of products from coarse (150 micron) to fine (1.5 micron) particle sizes. Classification, separation and materials handling, batching and storage control applications. Electric Flash Dryers, Floatation Plants, Water Treatment, Chemical Batching.

Baken Diamond Mine

Siemens PLC and WinCC SCADA - Complete Diamond Plant automation from the Ore Crushers, Scrubbers, DMS plant, Sorting, Water treatment, Sinaut Telemetry systems to remote control stations.

Bateman Materials Handling

PLC and SCADA - Various projects including processing of diamond grade material, heavy materials handling, and stacking/reclaiming operations.

Lanxess (Chrome)

Engineering of S5 and S7 PLCs, Coros and WinCC SCADA (also upgrading from COROS to WinCC), including Materials Handling systems, Milling, Kiln Controls, Chemical Reaction Controls. S7-300F Failsafe Programmable Logic Controller (FPLC){SIL1}{SIL2}{SIL3}

Columbus Stainless

Engineering of PLC and SCADA, including Materials Handling systems, Plate Cutting and Automated High Speed Stacking.

Cray Valley S.A

Multiple PLC's linked to SCADA systems, automated batching and control of reactors, controls of pumping and storage systems - manufacturing chemicals.

Dulux Paints

Dual S7 PLC's linked to standby SCADA systems, automated batching and control of ingrediants into reactors, SQL Database Recipes and Reports.

Hulett Aluminium

Multiple projects of supply and engineering of PLC and SCADA, including Furnace Controls and Materials Handling systems, Plate Cutting and Automated High Speed Stacking.

Illovo Sugar

Multiple projects of automation and control, including batching and weighing systems, materials handling, and centrifuge controllers.

Jon-Tec Systems

PLC and SCADA - Automated flour handling and batching systems at large bakeries

Lanxess (Chrome)

Engineering of S5 PLCs, Coros and WinCC SCADA, including Materials Handling systems, Chemical Reaction Controls.

Mondi Paper

Siemens PLC and SCADA, PCS7 systems on Paper Machines, Roll Sorting Lines, Cutters and Palletizers.

NPC Cement

PCS7 - Automated controls of Cement Mill, Raw Mill, Coal Mill, Kiln, Cooler and Storage Silo. Profibus communications to Schenk Weighers, Siprotec 11kV Switchgear.

SIEMENS Automation

We are a listed Systems House for Siemens Automation (LTD), and offer 24 hour support on Siemens Automation products.

Skorpion Zinc (Namibia)

Engineering of S7 PLCs and WinCC SCADA, including Materials Handling systems, Circular Stacker / Reclaimer, Sinaut Telemetry systems.

Umgeni Water

Water filters - PLC and SCADA control of water filtration and backwash systems, Water treatment plants and Chemical Dosage Systems.