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Letter of Introduction

DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES has been in existence for over 20 years, and has built up a reputation of being an efficient automation company with a wealth of expertise. 



ˇ To provide unique, high quality, cost effective system solutions, based upon leading edge technology, to industry in the fields of Industrial Automation, Data Acquisition and Control, Process Control and Electronic Weighing and Batching.

ˇ To provide service and support that clients can depend upon.



DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES began by offering unique, custom designed and manufactured electronic components for industry.

Already in 1988 the company entered the arena of Industrial Automation as a supplier of fully fledged integrated systems for plant control and materials handling.

To date the company has been highly successful in attaining its goals and objectives, with large industrial clients, involved in a variety of fields, bearing testimony to this.



This is the main function DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES performs. This, of course, is a wide ranging statement, which requires clarification. Various elements are integrated in order to provide such solutions :

ˇ SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software.

ˇ Programmable Logic Controllers, supply and programming.



Aluminum and Steel Plate Cutting and High Speed Stacking

Batching systems (wet and dry)

Chemical batching and dosing systems

Chemical reaction systems

Diamond Washing and Sorting

Dry materials handling (solids, coarse and fine)

Dry Milling and classifying products to as small as 2 micron particle size

Failsafe Programmable Logic Controller (FPLC) {SIL1} {SIL2} {SIL3}

Kiln and Furnace Control and Monitoring

Paint Batching and Manufacturing

Pneumatic conveying (powders)

Power distribution monitoring and control

Power management (Power factor, maximum demand)

Water purification & treatment systems

Wet materials handling (liquids and slurries)

Wet milling products to 1.5 micrometer particle size



DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES specialises in the automation of factories, industry, and industrial type machinery, and the specialist hardware and software that we use are as follows:

SIEMENS  (Authorised Distributor and Projects System Integrator)

S5 and S7 PLCs


PCS7 - Integrated control and monitoring





The staff members of DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES, DURBAN, are highly skilled in their field of expertise. Here are brief résumé's of a few of them :


B.Sc Engineer (Electronics) Graduated 1988. Francois joined Anglo-Alpha (Cement) South-Africa in 1989 and served at different operations in positions ranging from Project Engineer to Electrical Superintendent - specialising in managing installations of medium to large size plant control systems. (Electrics, Instruments, PLC and SCADA),  He joined DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES in 1994. Francois is a specialist in Siemens S7 and S5 systems. He is also proficient in PCS7, Cemat and WinCC SCADA systems, as well as instrumentation, LV and heavy-current electrics.


B.Sc. Engineering (Electronic) Graduated 1991. Philip has been with DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES since October 1994. He started as an Applications Engineer and has worked with a wide variety of PLC's. He favours the SIEMENS S5 and S7, and has worked extensively with Siemens PCS7 and Cemat. Philip also has experience in various SCADA packages, but specialises in WinCC and Citect. He has upgraded Coros and other DOS based SCADA packages to WinCC. Philip has a keen ability to manage complete projects involving components from instrumentation, weighing, electrics, PLC and SCADA systems.


(NDINFO) National Diploma in IT, specializing in Software Development. Graduated in 2006. Good problem solving and database skills. Jason is trained and experienced in Siemens PCS7 with applications of  Cemat, Advanced Process Library, and custom Toolkits for chemical manufacturing processes. Can program in Java, VB6. Jason has worked with Open-Source, Linux, Oracle and XML technologies.


BCom with majors in Business Information Systems and Information Systems Technology. Specializing in Siemens PLC and WinCC SCADA Software development. Graduated in 2003, and gained some construction experience in the UK. Gary is trained and experienced in Siemens PCS7 with applications of  Cemat and Advanced Process Library.  Gary is experienced with large S5 to S7 conversions, and Coros to WinCC conversions.


Heinrich has asserted himself proficient with S7 and WinCC systems, using our in-house Toolkit, and other custom applications. He is also responsible for assembling of PCs and PLCs, splicing of fibre-optic cables and design and manufacture of small to medium PLC and Electric control panels. Heinrich is studying toward a diploma in Instrumentation and Control.